Our Approach

Our approach to Intellectual Property is based on knowing our clients, understanding their business and future aims and tailoring an Intellectual Property protection and enforcement strategy to fit. As a leading provider of IP services, Maxwells has a clear understanding of what is needed to provide IP support for established businesses, innovative thinkers and start ups and manage expectations for quality outcomes. We encourage growth and innovation and expect to deliver on what we say we will do.

We know our clients want to work with professionals who they can trust and respect. Our professionals will work hard to understand their individual and business needs and find cost effective and time effective solutions within projected budgets.

Maxwells is proud to be a company that builds long lasting relations with their clients, applying a holistic IP approach that can provide a complete IP package. We work closely with our local and international IP network that has been built over many years, people who we trust and respect and we know have the same ethos and values we have.

Our aim is to provide you, the client, with a quality comprehensive service.