• Expansion and growth
  • Export and import
  • Maximise your potential
  • International protection

Do you want to expand your business,sell your idea,distribute your products overseas?

The world is changing very fast. Countries are evolving and developing technology constantly changing and being upgraded. We have to work with different cultures and languages, as well as deal with each client’s requirements and expectations.

According to the Australian government, Australian Intellectual Property Report 2014, over the last 10 years, on average, Australian residents have field as many patents overseas as they have at home, with the top destinations being US, New Zealand and China. China is now on the way to becoming one of the top places for Australian companies to file a Trade Mark abroad.

With this in mind, Maxwells will help you expand your IP protection into the countries you wish to go by filing patents, TMs and design applications and ensuring compliance with local standards and requirements in each country. There are no uniform worldwide laws or cover and different laws in different countries can be confusing. An International trademark application under the Madrid Protocol designating multiple countries is a popular and cost effective way of overseas trademark protection.

Whether importing or exporting it is essential to have all documentation up to date, legally binding whilst protecting and defending your intellectual property portfolio. Whether bringing supplies into the country to build/manufacture an item or exporting your ideas or products overseas, you will need confidentiality agreements, distribution agreements and other legal agreements and documents to aid the commercialization process.

As countries develop so do more ideas and inventions become realities, more intellectual property protection and enforcement is needed. Maxwells will work with you, taking the hard leg work away from you, leaving you to carry on inventing and commercialising. Discuss your overseas intellectual property options with us.

Five things we can do for you:
  1. Offer you a tailored, strategic Intellectual Property protection and enforcement plan
  2. Provide all necessary legal documents to support your business plan requirements – eg. distribution agreements, confidentiality and non disclosure agreements, licence agreements, manufacturing agreements, supply agreements.
  3. Get you foreign protection.
  4. Manage your Intellectual Property portfolio and ensure royalties and other fees are paid.
  5. Help develop an export plan for specific grants and assistance, meet your objectives and help you achieve your business aims.