• Identify, search, clear and validate
  • Protect and secure
  • Defend and enforce
  • Maintain and manage growth

What will you lose if you don’t identify, protect and maintain your Intellectual Property assets?

Many businesses and executives don’t realise the importance and value of protecting IP rights and see it as an unnecessary cost.

Your IP is valuable to you and your business. Our aim is to identify, clear, protect, defend, enforce and maintain your intellectual property and encourage growth, innovation and investment based on it. This will increase returns.

Our full range of IP services offer security, minimise risk, provide confidentiality and assist development and commercialisation. We offer support that is professional and specialised, designed and tailored to your specific needs. We offer advice and guidance on developing your IP strategy in conjunction with your overall business and strategic plan and on managing your entire IP portfolio. We simplify and manage all IP processes from searches, validation, filing, drafting, renewals, oppositions, enforcement, litigation, negotiations, commercialisation, licensing, agreements and all IP related legal support.