Copyright protects original literacy, musical, artistic, drama and other original works. It also covers sound recordings, films, photographs, TV broadcasts, radio, multi media works, computer programs and software, databases, images, manuals and documentation, sculptures and paintings.

Copyright prevents the following acts from occurring in relation to a work protected by copyright (without permission):
  • Reproduction
  • Performance
  • Broadcast
  • Copying
  • Using
  • Defacing

Copyright does not have to be registered, protection is automatic provided the copyright work is original and, depending on the type of work, gives the owner exclusive rights in regards to reproduction, publication, adaptation, alteration and communication. In most cases, protection lasts for 70 years. Maxwells have professionals who can give advice on ownership, exploitation, enforcement and infringements of copyright.

It is essential to protect your rights before disclosure or publication so at Maxwells we will prepare and execute relevant documentation e.g. confidentiality agreements, assignment agreements, evidence of ownership, license agreements to ensure your copyright works are protected.