Confidentiality and trade secrets

To ensure that the research, development, materials, manufacture, related information data of innovations are kept confidential, confidential and trade secret agreements need to be drafted and signed.

Employers need to ensure all employees, researchers, sub-contractors, manufacturers and suppliers sign these agreements to prevent innovations or inventions being made public knowledge or published before expected launch or before protection can be put in place.

Breaches of these agreements are actionable under Australian Law.

They will also provide injunctions, letters of demand, apply for an Anton Piller order to prevent access or removal of items or materials, represent you in court as well as find solutions through remedies, negotiation, mediation and settlement agreements.

Things you can do to minimise confidentiality breaches:
  1. Have a secure place of work
  2. Protect IP with passwords, change passwords regularly
  3. Keep important documents locked up and in a safe place
  4. Mark documents “Confidential” and let only selected people access to these documents
  5. Ensure computer data has relevant and appropriate security levels of access
  6. Have a clause in your employees, researchers, manufacturers, suppliers agreements
  7. Have a professional IP attorney and lawyer manage your agreements and breaches.

Call our legal team and they will advise you on your best course of action to contain any breaches – or prevent information leakage