IP Commercialisation

Intellectual property is vital to modern day businesses across the world, adding value and increasing profits and monitisation if correctly managed. At Maxwells, we provide an integrated commercialisation service that will result in maximised commercialisation and a good return on investment.

An idea, concept, design, trade mark, invention or other innovation must be protected and defended from the beginning to prevent it being copied, misused, exploited or disclosed before time. It takes a lot of time and money to transform an idea into a reality and money. Our professionals work very closely with our clients, sharing information and providing advice to ensure their IP is adequately covered by relevant agreements and licenses. At Maxwells, we work with individuals, SMEs and large corporations here in Australia and overseas.

Due to the costs involved, we advise our clients where appropriate, on research and development, export grants and other funding opportunities available to them to assist with the financial cost of making an innovation a commercial reality.

Maxwells share and advise the best pathways to navigate your commercialisation journey, ensuring any licenses, transfers, franchising, joint ventures and agreements are put in place to maximise and optimise commercialisation. Some documentation is very complex with specific obligations, fees and restrictions. Our commercialism team at Maxwells can make the process streamlined whilst maximizing your IP commercial opportunities.