Licences and Transfers/Assignments


Maxwell’s legal team can help you either obtain or create a Licence Agreement. Licensing is a common commercialisation strategy for copyright, patents, trade marks and designs. Under the licence, the owner of the intellectual property agrees for another person/business to manufacture, market and distribute and/or sell the intellectual property in a certain territory in return for a royalty.

For some businesses this is an excellent way to develop, commercialise, exploit or manufacture what has already been produced.

Therefore if you require a license to be drafted or reviewed, Maxwell’s legal team will provide you with relevant documentation that is clear and easy to be understood, supplying solutions to any issues you may encounter.


This is for the outright sale of your Intellectual Property and transfer all ownership to the purchaser.

It is financially beneficial for the owner, as it is a one off transaction with no further terms or conditions attached. However, the purchase price should cover all expenses paid out including materials, development, cost of protection and market value to ensure a profit. If you are buying, ensure it suits your business plan and strategy. Maxwells can arrange assignments and transfers of ownership, and provide you with sound advice to ensure whether you are buying or selling, that it is a good transaction.