IP Portfolio Management

Let us make your Intellectual Property assets work for you ………..

It is imperative to integrate your Intellectual Property with your business plan and future strategy. Maxwells will help you to maximise your innovation to commercialisation, finding solutions to any IP issues you may encounter. We can give your business structure and objectives to aim for as well as give you all the tools you need for a successful start up.

Audits carried out by Maxwells commercial team can help you identify opportunities with respect to your patents, trade marks, designs, copyright, both tangible and intangible assets, and add value to your business, whilst protecting, maintaining and managing your IP portfolio however big or small.

All your time, research, development and investment will be give you the competitive edge, making you stand out from your competitors whilst building a revenue stream to assist with your continued growth.

Successful IP portfolio management will aid in providing commercial leverage when buying, selling, licensing, raising capital or negotiating and Maxwells can aid you in finding appropriate funding through various grants.

At Maxwells, our team will manage your Intellectual Property portfolio with comprehensive and up to date reports, monitoring your portfolio, and alerting you to important deadlines and dates.

We will:
  • Alert you to potential infringements and oppositions;
  • Review and audit your portfolio to ensure status is valid;
  • Maintain and manage renewals and fees;
  • Analyse and report trends for you to make informed decisions;
This is done through:-
  • IP audits;
  • IP Searches;
  • Due diligence;
  • Providing advice, opinions and relevant update  reports