Business Structure and Start Ups

Maxwells takes a holistic approach to business strategy encouraging individuals and SMEs to plan, structure and budget for the journey from innovation conception to projected desired commercial outcomes.

We are leaders in providing IP innovation challenge solutions to ensure our clients have adequate record keeping and documentation systems in place, complying and meeting with all regulatory, legal and governance requirements.

How we can help you build and defend your intellectual portfolio:
  • Build your brand, product, service, concept, design, works,
    IP DNA;
  • Value your IP assets both tangible and intangible;
  • Finance and leverage for growth and expansion;
  • Align your IP strategy with your business plan;
  • Properly record and maintain your IP register.

What you do with your intellectual property, how and when is crucial.

We can manage your IP portfolio, co-ordinating and managing acquisitions and disposals for ultimate commercial returns and advantage.

Our commercialisation team will also provide you with specific, tailored agreements and contracts to ensure your IP remains your IP and is used and exploited the way you, our client, intends it to be used.

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