Due Diligence and Audits

Maxwells’ legal and commercial team will perform Due Diligence on a company business in order to ascertain its Intellectual Property position. By analysing all tangible and intangible assets they can establish your Intellectual Property’s true value, as well as status and ownership.

Due diligence is usually performed when a business is being sold, purchased, licensed or floated for a public offering.

Due diligence will:
  1. Provide status of all IP confirming validity and status;
  2. Confirm any liability, enforceability or litigation against Intellectual Property being sold, purchased, licensed;
  3. Confirm the owner and inventor details;
  4. Confirm if the patent, trade mark, design, copyright, domain name has got any limitations or restrictions;
  5. Provide value and expose whether the IP has been working the way it should commercially i.e. commercially viable, in terms of present and projected income status;
  6. Establish if the IP is good for raising finance or using as leverage towards business expansion and operations;
  7. Confirm what agreements and confidentiality agreements are in place and provide relevant documentation that is required to secure the IP.