Litigation and Disputes

Maxwells is a leading, international Intellectual Property law firm, specialising in patents, trade marks, design and copyright law. Our legal team will protect, defend and enforce your valuable intellectual property rights. Our lawyers and our attorneys are experts when applying all processes and procedures necessary to effectively and efficiently manage IP challenges, infringements, oppositions, breaches and disputes.

When an intellectual property dispute issue is not dealt with quickly and in a timely and appropriate manner, it can lead to liability and losses both financially and in intellectual property assets. It is therefore essential that we work closely with our clients, sharing important information so that sound, appropriate , informed decisions can be made when dealing with infringement breaches and disputes, whether protecting or defending your IP.

The Maxwells legal team can:
  • Litigate in all areas of intellectual property infringement or enforcement
  • Conduct all relevant searches, enquiries, examinations and carry out all necessary investigations required to obtain relevant facts and information
  • Monitor the marketplace to identify or locate infringement activity
  • Carry out searches and ensure freedom to operate is valid
  • Give opinions on validity and enforceability of IP rights
  • Defend a client if they are being challenged, opposed or sued
  • Seek injunctions, issue Letters of Demand or cease and desist letters and other legal documentation related to infringement misuse, or misleading or deceptive conduct and breaches of agreements
  • Provide solutions, resolutions, remedies and assist with settlements
  • Provide all relevant agreements tailored to your business and IP commercialisation needs and strategies e.g. license agreements, co-branding agreements, collaboration agreements, manufacturing agreements, confidentiality agreements, trade secrets and distributions agreements, amongst many others.