Trade Marks

  • Protect your name and brand
  • Enforce your IP rights
  • Grow capital asset
  • Maintain your reputation

Are you and your brand protected from unscrupulous competitors?

A trade mark’s primary purpose is to distinguish the goods and services of one trader/business from those of another. Thus, a trade mark provides a valuable link in the mind of the consumer between a particular product or service and the business or trader providing it. That value can only be secured and enhanced by trade mark registration. A registered trade mark grants a monopoly right in that trade mark or any trade mark deceptively similar thereto that is legally enforceable, and which gives you exclusive rights to commercially exploit the trade mark or any trade mark similar to it in respect of the goods and services for which it is registered or goods and services similar or closely related thereto.

In a brand savvy and conscious world your trade mark identifies your brand and business’s unique DNA. Trade mark registration will more readily prevent someone else from passing off their business’ goods and services as yours. A registered trade mark also shows you are serious about protecting your business/company’s hard won market reputation whilst building and increasing your IP portfolio and increasing the value of your brand in the case of any future sale.

Maxwells’ professional advice and trade mark protection strategy will ensure that your business’ brands will be protected across its complete and future spectrum of goods and services and territories. In compliance with the Trade Marks Act 1995 (Cth), our IP attorneys will work with you to smooth the path to your trade mark’s registration and certification to help optimise your brands true value and increase your business’ IP commercialisation.

5 things your trade mark will do for you:-

  • Secure your name;
  • Provide security;
  • Make it far easier to prevent someone from passing off their goods or services as theirs;
  • Prevent someone relying on your hard won reputation;
  • Become a valuable and saleable asset and increase your bottom line