Searches and Watches

It is strongly advised that before committing to invest both time and resources into adopting and registering your trade mark, business name and/or domain name, that you get a professional, comprehensive and thorough search carried out to establish the availability of your desired brand/trade mark to ensure that your use of the proposed trade mark will not infringe any other party’s rights. Although an online search service is available through ATMOSS, the process can be time consuming and difficult, especially when searching for logos and names that may be substantially identical or deceptively similar to prior registered trade marks.

It is also advisable to put a watching service in place so you are notified if any other party seeks to register your trade mark or a trade mark that is similar to it.

Maxwells’ Trade Mark attorneys can perform searches and implement watches and monitoring services as part of the management of your IP portfolio or commercialisation strategy.

They can establish and advise you on:
  • Availability of use of your desired trade mark
  • Other trade marks in the industry;
  • How you can stand apart from your competitors and make your trade mark distinctive;
  • Possible infringement or conflict with other trade marks.